Saturday, April 17, 2010

This ain't your cutesy sun hat

I did a quick search on Etsy for baby sun hats.  Almost all of them either had some sort of flower on them (in the fabric pattern or sewn on), and the ones that didn't were trying WAY too hard to be masculine (camo? really?).  And when I did a search for nerd baby sun hats absolutely nothing came up!  So I think I'll have a corner on the nerd baby sun hat market as soon as I actually start producing them.  Which will hopefully be this weekend.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Nerd baby hats

I've finished two more hats, and took a few pictures myself (probably not a good idea, but I just couldn't wait for the professional photographer to get home from work).
The first one is another slug hat.  This one is a bit smaller than the last, and I used a different kind of yarn.  It's still 100% cotton, but it's up-cycled!  I bought it from a fellow Etsier ( who sells carefully re-purposed yarn from up-cycled sweaters.

Please excuse the sugar bowl I used as a prop for this picture...
 I've also branched out.  Here's my first Jaffa hat.  I made this one from soft acrylic worsted yarn and gold crochet thread.
If you don't know what a Jaffa is:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend adventures and sewing

My weekend was supposed to involve going to the Boston Comic Con, but after waiting in line in the cold wind for about 30 minutes we realized that the line wasn't really moving (it was just getting fatter - I think people were huddling together for warmth).  Doktor Andy (best friend, visiting me for the weekend from Maryland) went inside to see what was what.  Turns out they had not planned for the crowd - they were at capacity and were only letting people in as others left.  So we left.  We hit up four comic book stores in the Cambridge/Somerville area throughout the rest of the weekend, so all was good.

I have come up with my next crafting idea!  It's getting pretty warm out, so it seems unlikely that people will be interested in getting crocheted hats for their babies no matter how awesomely nerdy they are.  So I will make nerdy sun hats!  Just took a trip to the fabric store today to pick up some supplies.  I will post in-progress pictures as soon as I have something in progress!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Slug hat take 2

I completely changed the pattern, and finally got my sewing machine out to make the padding for the eye.  I wanted to add padding so the slug looks bug-eyed.
Here are some in-process pictures:

I just need to add antennae and then it'll be finished!  Good thing, too, because this one is meant for Mr. X. in Maryland, whose father person is coming to Boston at the end of the week!