Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend adventures and sewing

My weekend was supposed to involve going to the Boston Comic Con, but after waiting in line in the cold wind for about 30 minutes we realized that the line wasn't really moving (it was just getting fatter - I think people were huddling together for warmth).  Doktor Andy (best friend, visiting me for the weekend from Maryland) went inside to see what was what.  Turns out they had not planned for the crowd - they were at capacity and were only letting people in as others left.  So we left.  We hit up four comic book stores in the Cambridge/Somerville area throughout the rest of the weekend, so all was good.

I have come up with my next crafting idea!  It's getting pretty warm out, so it seems unlikely that people will be interested in getting crocheted hats for their babies no matter how awesomely nerdy they are.  So I will make nerdy sun hats!  Just took a trip to the fabric store today to pick up some supplies.  I will post in-progress pictures as soon as I have something in progress!

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