Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sun hat...

I've made two sun hats so far, but I don't think I'm ready to post them on Etsy yet.  The first one was made with all new fabric, and the second was made with new muslin for the lining and upcycled fabric for the outer layer.  I can't find pictures of the first one (I could have sworn I had some) but here's the second one:
The first hat is destined for a friend, and I decided not to list the hat pictured above on Etsy because it's not quite up to par.  My sewing skills are a little rusty.  I'm also not sure what age to list for a hat this size - I made it a little large, so it's better for a toddler than a baby, but I don't have anyone to try it out on!  It's about 18 inches in diameter (when measured half-way between the inner edge of the brim and the crown) and 8 inches from the crown to the outer edge of the brim.

So I've decided I will send this hat FREE to the first person who contacts me about it.  That's right, free.  All I ask in return is that you let the world know that SquirrelProductions made this hat, and they should all buy one!  Or, you know, maybe not the whole world, but just anyone who asks.


  1. Love the hats! Do you have business cards or can I become a fan on FB?

  2. Me me. I would rake it if u haven't found a home yet