Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crochet + sewing = not great

The crochet purse I was working on did not come out very well.  After many frustrating hours of trying to figure out how to put a small zipper pocket inside the purse, I gave up and left the zipper off the inner pocket.  Then I attached the lining to the outer (crochet) part of the bag, and realized after I was completely finished that the inner pocket was on the front side of the bag (the pocket should have been in the back, thus close to my body when I'm wearing the purse).  I hoped it would be OK.  It's not.  I tried putting my cellphone in the little inner pocket, but that made the front of the bag sag inwards and it was extremely awkward trying to get anything into or out of the bag.  It's also impossible to open the bag with one hand, which I need to do because for some reason I'm usually carrying things in the other hand (maybe if I had made a much BIGGER bag I wouldn't have any of these problems...).

So, I love the crochet part of the bag, the yarn is beautiful, but it's not meant to be.  It was too frustrating to try again.  Stupid zippers.

In other news, I've started making t-shirt yarn!  I love it - I already made a bag for my portable crochet project (usually take something to work on during lunch and on car rides) in blues and purples.  The yarn is pretty chunky so it works up fast, and the end result is a sturdy, stretchy, completely recycled and machine washable bag/purse.  I already started making a larger shopping bag with white yarn.  My plan is to make more and list them on Etsy, but also to make kits with a bag pattern, crochet hook, and home-made t-shirt yarn.  I'm in the process of making more yarn, but I also have to write the pattern down.  I usually work from memory, or make it up as I go along.  The bag pattern is very simply so hopefully it won't take very long to write.

I will post pictures of my t-shirt bag soon, I just have to take them first....

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