Friday, July 9, 2010

T-shirt bag!

Here's my very first t-shirt bag:
I tried the handles a couple of different ways, but I really liked how they came out in the end.  The straps are stretchy but strong.  I'm using this bag to carry my current crochet project to and from work.  I'm also working on a much larger white t-shirt bag, but I ran out of white t-shirts.  I have a bunch of other colors, and spent quite a while cutting the shirts into strips.  Now I just have to turn the strips into yarn...  It's best to start with shirts without side seams, but I didn't find too many of those.  The ones that do have side seams have to be cut into individual strips, instead of a spiral cut all the way up the shirt.  Joining all of the strips together takes some time, and the ends show when the yarn is crocheted.  I like it, though - I think it makes the bags look more interesting.
I made this today:

Custom order nerdy baby sun hat.  It's almost impossible to tell from the picture (this is exactly why I don't take my own Etsy photos) but the outer fabric is bright yellow and the edging is light green.  I also cut out fabric to make a couple more hats - I'm going to try to attach antennae to the next one.  We'll see how that goes.

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  1. Great job on the tshirt bag and baby hat! Kudos for trying something new and achieving such success :D.
    Linda, The Crafty Nature Lady