Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lots of new Etsy items

I just posted a bunch of new items to Etsy - nerdy baby slug hats, nerdy adult slug hats (finally finished two of them), and a crochet overlay scarf, which I'm very proud of.  I finished up the sun hat for a coworker, and have a few slug hat orders to fill.  Slowly the orders are coming in, but none from Etsy for a while.  I'm participating in the Etsy Christmas in July sale (25% off all sun hats and free shipping on most items), which will hopefully entice a few people to purchase some of my wares.  Head on over to my site and check it out:

I just got a TON of new yarn off Ebay, none of which fits in the bins I picked up recently from Target specifically to help organize my yarn.  Fortunately they're the stackable kind, so I'll just have to pick up a couple (or five) more of them.  Thanks to the organization fiend who happens to be my boyfriend, all of my yarn (except for the new stuff) is currently nicely stacked in the bins by color.  That's already lasted for about four days!  We'll see how much longer it all stays in order...

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